Famous Publications

vaccine_testOne of Dr. Mark Geier’s most widely-praised publications appeared at the start of his career when he was just 23. His work, “Bacterial virus gene expression in cells”, was published in Nature to much acclaim. From there, Geier published in a variety of elite scientific publications, including Science, the New England Journal of Medicine, among others. Dr. Geier and his son David’s 2003 publication titled, “Thimerosal in childhood vaccines, neurodevelopment disorders and heart disease in the United States” generated much attention for results that demonstrated a correlation between the presence of Thimerosal in vaccines given to young children and the occurrence of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. This publication proceeded their “Neurodevelopmental disorders following thimerosal-containing vaccines: a brief communication,” published in Experimental Biology and Medicine latter in 2003. Both papers and those to follow resulted in new discussions about the connection between childhood vaccines and childhood neurodevelopmental disorders.

In 2006, Mark and David Geier were able to study the outcomes of the removal of Thimerosal from many vaccines in the United States, and published their “Assessment of the downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders in the United States following the removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines” in the Medical Science Monitor. Today, Mark and David continue to publish impactful work concerning genetics, vaccines and childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, and lead or participate in a number of nonprofit endeavors to propel scientific advancements in these areas of focus.